Livestock and fisheries

Livestock department in Moshi Municipal Council was official inaugurated July 2012 due to abscind of the former ministry of agriculture and livestock into two ministries:-

Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Cooperative

Ministry of Livestock and Fisheries

The department has 22 technical staff trained in various livestock field


  • Statutory/law enforcement
  • Deliver extension services to livestock keepers

 Statutory Activities

(i)Execute laws and by law related to livestock such as:-

The animal disease ordinance (cap. 156)

Keeping animal in urban area (section 80 by law 1999)

The Hides, Skins and Leather Trade (Act. 2008)

Deliver extension service to Municipal Livestock Keepers

     (i)    Coordinate training program

Extension staff in service training i.e Diploma, degree and masters

Livestock keepers training i.e

-    Residential training

-    Onsite training

    (ii)    Provide artificial insemination service

   (iii)    Coordinate breeding program to ensure improved breed are produced for better cohort.

   (iv)    Conduct meat inspection to ensure Municipal residence obtain sound meat fit for human consumption.

    (v)    Formulate and organize livestock keepers in group so that they can access government subsidy and loans.

   (vi)    Coordinate availability of improved dairy goats and assist means of possessing a goat.

  (vii)    Control livestock diseases through vaccination and dipping.

 (viii)    Conduct rabies campaign.

   (ix)    Improve existing infrastructure like abattoir, clinic by construction of new structure and maintenance.

    (x)    Ensure livestock feeds in the market are available and of designated quality through regular sample testing.

   (xi)  Coordinate and facilitate livestock keepers, bi product processers and extension staff to participate in livestock show.

(xii)    Sensitize establishment of household fish pond.

(xiii)    Conduct demonstration on improved technique of aquaculture where poultry droppings are used as food for fish.


Dairy cattle             -2,417

  • Indigenous cattle    -1,138


  • Dairy goats             -120  
  • Indigenous goat      -7,424
  • Sheep                    -2,162


  • Chicken                  -
  • Layers                    -100,000
  • Broilers                  -150,000     
  • Local chicken          -2,968
  • Turkeys                  -1,002
  • Guinea fowls                    -826
  • Pigs                       -8,335
  • Rabbit                    -573
  • Horse                     -39
  • Dogs                      -1,594
  • Cats                       -531

  • (i)         Construction of modern abattoir

    (ii)        Installation of milk collection centre


      (i).        Milk collection centre

    (ii)        Lack of modern abattoir

    (iii)       Inputs price are very high

    (iv)       Poor breeding program

    (v)        Poor records keeping

    (vi)       Poor knowledge on heat detection

    (vii)      Lack of area for grazing and pasture establishment










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